Saturday, March 28, 2015

Women Speak

Week of 3/29/15

Top three for the week!

The amazing women of United Opt Out Who Created
An Activist Handbook for the Education Revolution
United Opt Out’s Test of Courage
Edited by:
Morna M. McDermott, United Opt Out National
Peggy Robertson, United Opt Out National
Rosemarie Jensen, United Opt Out National
Ceresta Smith, United Opt Out National
Eleven Reasons to Refuse Standardized Testing for Your Children
By:  Maine Badass Teacher  Jacky Boyd
The Momma Bears of Tennessee

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Women Speak

Week of 3/15/15

Top three for the week!

Opting Out of Governor Cuomo’s Attack on Public Education

By:  Bianca Tanis

The Powerful, Enforced Silence Around Standardized Testing
By:  Dr. Mercedes Schneider

Empathy v. Criticism:  How to respond to those who think more testing is needed to improve education 
By:  Dr. Denisha Jones

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Women Speak

Week of 3/8/15

Top three for the week!

Kristin Phatak and Heather Poland

There won't be a test and there will be a party

Kristin Phatak 

BAT Co-Founder Priscilla Sanstead

Sharing one of the most powerful memes on Twitter and Facebook created by Sue Goncracovs

 Francisco Ortiz, Kimberly Mayfield Lynch and Kitty Kelly Epstein

OP-ED: Our Schools Need Latino Teachers

Kimberly Mayfield-Lynch is chair of Black Women Organized for Political Action and chair of the Education Department at Holy Names University.

Francisco Ortiz is a Bay Area teacher and a graduate student researching issues of Latino teacher recruitment.

Kitty Kelly Epstein hosts Education Today on KPFA – FM and writes on issues involving education and urban policy. (A Different View of Urban Schools (2012) Peter Lang).

Kimberly Mayfield-Lynch

Kitty Kelly Epstein

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Women Speak

Week of 3/2/15

Top three for the week!

Melissa Katz - NJ Blogger and Education student

Karen Sprowal - Parent

Interview with former Success Academy Charter School Parent

Marla Kilfoyle - General Manager Badass Teacher's Association, Teacher, Parent